Cleaning Concepts

Cleaning Concepts Based on Holistic Solutions

It will allow all relevant, object-specific aspects and will give you a clear picture of time and personnel requirements, and of course: costs

A cleaning solution is only as good as its conceptual basis. A careful and comprehensive analysis of the facility and space situation forms the basis for developing your customised cleaning concept.Our cleaning experts conduct a complete walk-through to asses the object-specific situation and round off their analysis with a study of the layout plans. They then group rooms by name and record floor coverings, area sizes and cleaning intervals. The information is collated with appropriate methods to create object-specific performance figures that are then stored. You, the client, will now know exactly how much personnel will be needed for cleaning, and what the costs will be. As a next step, a detailed service catalogue is created, from which detailed cleaning schedules can be derived.

These will include a complete list of cleaning products, their dosage, and how they are to be used.

Our cleaning experts are well versed in hygiene standards and will use their personal know-how and industry experience for the creation of your cleaning concepts. The results of their concept work will be made available to you as a Wetrok Report, which you can use as a reference document. It will also contain suggestions for appropriate machinery, equipment, consumables, and chemical products.